Food For Thought



Have you ever thought about the intimate relationship your body has with the food you consume?


Just think about it.  You put it in your mouth… chew it, allow it to flow down your esophagus into your stomach where it will later be broken down and distributed throughout your body.  


During digestion, the food you first put in your mouth literally becomes part of you on a cellular level.


I don’t mean to be crude… but on a purely physiological basis, THAT is even more intimate than sex!  


With that in mind, do you ever think about WHERE your food comes from? 


And, no, I’m not talking about the grocery store.


I’m talking about the actual FARM or RANCH where it was grown or raised – and how it was done.


The Benefits of Locally Grown Food


Many small independent grocery stores now carry locally grown foods – and for good reason.


There are many BENEFITS to buying locally grown/raised foods. 


First off, it just feels good to support local businesses which is always a boost for the local economy.


And, here are some physiological benefits you’ll enjoy:


👉  Local produce is allowed to ripen on the vine which means it is nutrient rich due to the short time from “farm-to-table.  Most non-local produce has to be picked early in order to safely make the long journey to your grocery store and not over-ripen. 


👉  Local produce is fresher – which means more nutrients. The quicker the trip from the farm to your table, the more nutrients your food contains.

👉  You can get access to more produce varieties, especially heirloom vegetables and fruits boosting the number of essential micronutrients you consume.  Most large farms that ship their produce long distances stick to varieties that are tough enough to make the trip.  


👉  Most organic local farmers use healthier, more sustainable farming practices which can lower your exposure to pesticides and other chemicals which is better for your body as well as your local environment.


It’s a 3-Way Win


Locally grown foods are a winner all the all the way around.  They are fresh, healthy, and taste great.  


Plus, they are superior in nutrient density and quality, meaning they are far better for your body.  


Finally, supporting your local growers at farmer’s markets and other local venues is good for the local economy and environment!


Now THAT’s something to THINK about!